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Current Affairs in English


General Knowledge Questions, International Current Affairs, India and World, National Current Affairs, States Current Affairs, Conferences, Awards and Honours, Sports and Games, Books in News.



Q.(1) What is the estimated value of demonetised bank notes received by the RBI as per RBI Annual Report 2016-17?


(A) Rs 15.00 trillion


(B) Rs 15.28 trillion


(C) Rs 15.44 trillion


(D) Rs 15.85 trillion


ANS:(B) Rs 15.28 trillion


Q.(2) Who has been appointed as the new Comptroller and Auditor General of India?


(A) Shashi Kant Sharma


(B) Rajiv Gauba


(C) Rajiv Mehrishi


(D) Sunil Arora


ANS:(C) Rajiv Mehrishi


Q.(3) India’s first private sector built satellite IRNSS-1H which was launched on 31st August 2017 after which it failed, was launched from which place?


(A) Thiruvananthapuram


(B) Chandipur


(C) Bengaluru


(D) Sriharikota


ANS:(D) Sriharikota


Q.(4) Who has been appointed as the Election Commissioner who replaced  Achal Kumar Joti for this post?


(A) Nasim Zaidi


(B) Sunil Arora


(C) Om Prakash Rawat


(D) Kamal Mehta


ANS:(B) Sunil Arora


Q.(5) Which of the following states has declared Friday as the “Day of Helping Hand” where CM of state will meet with the poor and underprivileged sections to resolve their grievances?


(A) Rajasthan


(B) Odisha


(C) Kerala


(D) Andhra Pradesh


ANS:(D) Andhra Pradesh 


Q.(6) Who is appointed as CBSE Board Chairperson recently?


(A) Shri Rajesh Khanna


(B) Shri Vinoth Kumar


(C) Shri Nitish Kumar


(D) Smt. Anita Karwal


ANS:(D) Smt. Anita Karwal


Q.(7) Who inaugurated annual conference ‘Rajaswa Gyan Sangam’?


(A) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi


(B) Shri Vijay Sharma


(C) Shri Rajesh khanna


(D) Shri Suresh Prabhu


ANS: (A) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi


Q.(8) According to a new series of gross State domestic product data with 2011-12 as the base year published by the Central Statistics Office which two states are the Fastest Growing Economies in India?


(A) Arunachal Pradesh and J&K


(B) Arunachal Pradesh & Maharashtra


(C) Arunachal Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh


(D) J&K & Telangana


ANS: (A) Arunachal Pradesh and J&K


Q.(9) Which veteran Indian Civil servant has been appointed as acting President of Singapore?


(A) J Y Pillay


(B) Annada Shankar Ray


(C) MS Randhawa


(D) None of the above


ANS:(A) J Y Pillay  


Q.(10) According to the recent survey by the Transparency International which country is the most corrupt country in Asia?


(A) Vietnam


(B) India


(C) Pakistan


(D) Thailand


ANS:(B) India


Q.(11) Which Indian city has been accorded the status of India’s first ‘World Heritage City’ by UNESCO?


(A) New Delhi


(B) Ahmedabad


(C) Mumbai


(D) Jaipur


ANS:(B) Ahmedabad   


Q.(12) In which City World’s highest sandcastle built recently?


(A) German


(B) India


(C) Pakistan


(D) Australia


ANS:(A) German  


Q.(13) Indian conglomerate Adani group has collaborated for defence manufacturing with which nation’s defence and aerospace company?


(A) Sweden


(B) Switzerland


(C) Germany


(D) Japan


ANS:(A) Sweden  


Q.(14) Which state government has for the first time declared entire state as ‘disturbed area’ for 6 months under AFSPA, 1958?


(A) Manipur


(B) Mizoram


(C) Nagaland


(D) Assam


ANS:(D) Assam   


Q.(15) Who has been appointed as Secretary in the Department of Financial Services?


(A) Rajiv Kumar


(B) Anjali Duggal


(C) Hasmukh Adhia


(D) Anita Karwal


ANS:(A) Rajiv Kumar 


Q.(16) Who has been appointed as US Envoy to India?


(A) Tom Cooney


(B) Helen La Lime


(C) Kenneth Juster


(D) John Bass


ANS:(C) Kenneth Juster


Q.(17) Name the malware against which CERT-In has issued an alert on spread of it?


(A) Ransomware


(B) Locky Ransomware


(C) Half Ransomware


(D) None of these


ANS:(B) Locky Ransomware 


Q.(18) Who has been sacked as the coach of Indian National Hockey team?


(A) David John


(B) Roelant Oltmans


(C) Ric Charlesworth


(D) Jose Brasa


ANS:(B) Roelant Oltmans   


Q.(19) Nirmala Sitharaman, who has become the new Defence Minister of India, is currently a representative of which state in Rajya Sabha?


(A) Karnataka


(B) Kerala


(C) Tamil Nadu


(D) Maharashtra


ANS:(A) Karnataka   


Q.(20) Who is appointed as Union Minister for Railways?


(A)  Shri Rajesh Sharma


(B) Shri Prakash Javadekar


(C) Shri Piyush Goyal


(D) Shri Naresh Iyer


ANS:(C) Shri Piyush Goyal   


Q.(21) Who won the womens singles of U.S Open Grand Slam Carrom tournament?


(A) Tejasvi Duduka


(B) Rashmi Kumari


(C) Kajal Kumari


(D) M Parimal Devi


ANS:(A) Tejasvi Duduka  


Q.(22) Which astronaut returns to Earth after spending a record breaking 288 days in outer space?


(A) Peggy Whitson


(B) Charles bolden


(C) Jim Lovell


(D) Eric Boe


ANS:(A) Peggy Whitson


Q.(23) How many Stumpings did the Mahendra Singh Dhoni got and made a world Record?


(A) 100


(B) 90


(C) 250


(D) 300


ANS:(A) 100  


Q.(24) Which award did the Hyderabad Airport Bagged recently?


(A) Energy Efficiency Award


(B) Most Improved Airports


(C) Best Airport VIP Terminal


(D) The World’s Cleanest Airports


ANS:(A) Energy Efficiency Award


Q.(25) Which country missile program led to urgent United Nations Security council (UNSC) Meeting?


(A) Pakistan


(B) North Korea


(C) South Africa


(D) North America


ANS:(D) North America  


Q.(26) How many e rickshaws did the Gurugram Metro stations yet to get?


(A)  500


(B) 1000


(C) 600


(D) 750


ANS:(B) 1000


Q.(27) Whom to lay foundation stone for Link-4 of SAUNI Scheme in Rajkot?


(A) Shri Narendra Modi


(B) Shri Ram Nath Kovind


(C) Shri Rajesh Sharma


(D) Shri Suresh Prabhu


ANS:(B) Shri Ram Nath Kovind


Q.(28) How many radio bursts from Dwarf galaxy obtained in Breakthrough Mission Project?


(A) 13


(B) 9


(C) 15


(D) 10


ANS:(C) 15


Q.(29) Which Indian Basketball player has been signed by Australian basketball team for the first time?


(A) Mahender Rathor


(B) Amritpal Singh


(C) Jay Prakash Singh


(D) None of the above


ANS:(B) Amritpal Singh


Q.(30) When is the International Day of Charity observed every year?


(A) 2 September


(B) 3 September


(C) 4 September


(D) 5 September


ANS:(D) 5 September  


Q.(31) Who won Gold at Commonwealth Youth Weightlifting Championship?


(A) Maiya Maneza


(B) Svetlana Podobedova


(C) Zulfiya Chinshanlo


(D) Konsam Ormila Devi


ANS:(D) Konsam Ormila Devi


Q.(32) How much compensation Delhi court will pay to Wrestler Satish Kumar for being wrongly restrained from taking part in the 2002 14th Asian Games?


(A)  20 Lacs


(B) 25 Lacs


(C) 30 Lacs


(D) 15 lacs


ANS:(B) 25 Lacs


Q.(33) Which day is observed on September 5th recently?


(A) National Health Day


(B) National Teachers Day


(C) National Youth Day


(D) National Science Day


ANS:(B) National Teachers Day


Q.(34) Who is appointed as New Sports Minister recently?


(A) Shri Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore


(B) Shri Vaishali Ratnam


(C) Shri Suresh Prabhu


(D) Shri Rajesh Sharma


ANS:(A) Shri Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore


Q.(35) Which bank new Chief Executive officer is KV Rama Moorthy?


(A) Dena Bank


(B) Karnataka Bank


(C) South Indian Bank


(D) Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank


ANS:(D) Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank


Q.(36) Jomde Kena, who passed away on 5 September 2017, served as the Health and family Welfare Minister of which state?


(A) Manipur


(B) Arunachal Pradesh


(C) Nagaland


(D) Tripura


ANS:(B) Arunachal Pradesh   


Q.(37) Which union ministry Launched Two New Contraceptives Antara and Chhaya?


(A) Ministry of Home Affairs


(B) Ministry of Health and Family Affair


(C) Ministry of Finance


(D) Ministry of Defence


ANS:(B) Ministry of Health and Family Affair  


Q.(38) The official song of the FIFA Under-17 World Cup football tournament was formally launched recently. Who is the composer of the song?


(A) A.R Rahman


(B) Pritam


(C) Amit Trivedi


(D) Devi Sri Prasad


ANS:(B) Pritam


Q.(39) Who was conferred with the 2017 PluS Alliance Prize?


(A) N R Narayana Murthy


(B) Y Pillay


(C) M S Ganesha


(D) Sunitha Raman


ANS:(A) N R Narayana Murthy


Q.(40) What is the theme of the BRICS Summit 2017?


(A) Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions


(B) BRICS partnership – A powerful Factor of Global Development


(C) “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”


(D) Inclusive Growth: Sustainable Solutions


ANS:(C) “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future” 


Q.(41) Which state Governor has given assent to Religious Freedom Bill-2017?


(A) Bihar


(B) Jharkhand


(C) Uttar Pradesh


(D) Haryana


ANS:(B) Jharkhand


Q.(42) Who launches National Nutrition Strategy recently?


(A)  Atal Pension Yojana


(B) Sukanya Samriddhi Account


(C) Midday Meal Scheme


(D) NITI Aayog


ANS:(D) NITI Aayog   


Q.(43) How many Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) did the India and Mynamar Signed recently?


(A) 11


(B) 5


(C) 4


(D) 7


ANS:(A) 11


Q.(44) Who to take charge as National Mineral Development Corporation CMD?


(A) Shri Rajesh Sharma


(B) Shri Vignesh Raj


(C) Shri N Baijendra Kumar


(D) Shri Naresh Kumar


ANS:(C) Shri N Baijendra Kumar


Q.(45) How many teachers are honoured with the national awards on the occasion of Teachers Day ?


(A) 391


(B) 391


(C) 100


(D) 75


ANS:(B) 391


Q.(46) Which country Sushma Swaraj arrived recently for third Eastern Economic Forum?


(A) France


(B) Russia


(C) India


(D) Australia


ANS:(B) Russia  


Q.(47) Which institute was awarded First International Project in Myanmar to Punj Lloyd-Varaha?


(A) National Highway Authority of India


(B) Anna University


(C) Indian Institute of Technology


(D) National Institute of Technology


ANS:(A) National Highway Authority of India


Q.(48) Which bollywood actress has become the first Indian woman ambassador for Tourism Australia?


(A) Priyanka Chopra


(B) Parineeti Chopra


(C) Alia Bhatt


(D) Deepika Padukone


ANS:(B) Parineeti Chopra


Q.(49) Who has been given the additional charge of the chairperson of National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention?


(A) Dr. A. R Sihag


(B) Navin Kumar


(C) Dr. Inder Jit Singh


(D) Dr Bimal Jalan


ANS:(C) Dr. Inder Jit Singh


Q.(50) In which country UJALA has been scheme launched recently?


(A) China


(B) Albania


(C) Algeria


(D) Malaysia


ANS:(D) Malaysia 


Q.(51) A naval exercise named SLINEX 2017 is being held near Vishakhapatnam in Bay of Bengal. Which other country take part in the exercise along with India?


(A)  Myanmar


(B) Indonesia


(C) Bangladesh


(D) Sri Lanka


ANS:(D) Sri Lanka  


Q.(52) Ankul Mittal Belongs to which sports?


(A) Rowing


(B) Boxing


(C) Shooting


(D) Badminton


ANS:(C) Shooting


Q.(53) Who was declared as the co-patron of Archdiocese of Calcutta recently?


(A) Giambattista Diquattro


(B) Francis Xavier


(C) Mother Teresa


(D) Vicar General


ANS:(C) Mother Teresa


Q.(54) Who was resigned as a MakeMyTrip co-founder and President recently?


(A) Ashish Kashyap


(B) Yadwinder Singh


(C) M S Ganesha


(D) Sunitha Raman


ANS:(A) Ashish Kashyap


Q.(55) Who won the prestigious Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) Services Excellence Award?


(A) Gujarat International Finance-Tec City (GIFT City)


(B) Jaigaon Financial Tech City


(C) Kozhikode City


(D) Udaipur City


ANS:(A) Gujarat International Finance-Tec City (GIFT City)


Q.(56) Which year India will host Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships?


(A) 2019


(B) 2017


(C) 2020


(D) 2030


ANS:(A) 2019


Q.(57) Which day is observed as International Literacy Day recently?


(A) September 8th


(B) September 6th


(C) August 16th


(D) May 15th


ANS:(A) September 8th


Q.(58) Who is elected as Chairman of Press Trust of India recently?


(A) Shri Harish Raghavendra


(B) Shri Vijay Prakash


(C) Shri Viveck Goenka


(D) Shri Sunil Sharma


ANS:(C) Shri Viveck Goenka  


Q.(59) Which of the following countries refused to sign the Bali declaration over Rohingya issue?


(A) Bangladesh


(B) Indonesia


(C) China


(D) India


ANS:(D) India


Q.(60) Who won Gold in Cadet World Wrestling Championship?


(A)  Sonam


(B) Bahibta Kumari


(C) Mary Kom


(D) Sunita Williams


ANS:(A) Sonam


Q.(61) Which bank to pay $225-mn New York fine for compliance failures’ recently?


(A) Industrial & Commercial Bank of China


(B) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group


(C) Bank of America (BOA)


(D) Pakistan’s Habib Bank


ANS:(D) Pakistan’s Habib Bank


Q.(62) In which city Amazon’s Largest Fulfilment Center located?


(A) Hyderabad


(B) Chennai


(C) Kolkata


(D) Mumbai


ANS:(A) Hyderabad 


Q.(63) Which firm in India has announced eight weeks paid paternity leave policy for fathers?


(A) Google India


(B) HLL Lifecare


(C) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


(D) Johnson & Johnson India


ANS:(D) Johnson & Johnson India


Q.(64) The South Asian Women Development Forum would be organising ‘Across Barriers-International Business Women’s Summit in which city?


(A) New Delhi


(B) Kathmandu


(C) Beijing


(D) Dhaka


ANS:(B) Kathmandu


Q.(65) Which team is at the top position in the latest ICC Test rankings?


(A) India


(B) Australia


(C) New Zealand


(D) Sri Lanka


ANS:(A) India 


Q.(66) The Norwegian Nobel Institute announced that the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to whom cannot be revoked?


(A) Obama


(B) Aung San Suu Kyi


(C) Mother Teresa


(D) Juan Manuel Santos


ANS:(B) Aung San Suu Kyi


Q.(67) Researchers discovered a new species of edible freshwater fish in Pampa river in which state?


(A) Andhra Pradesh


(B) Tamil Nadu


(C) Kerala


(D) Karnataka


ANS:(C) Kerala


Q.(68) Who was named as the Chief Coach of the Indian Senior Men Hockey Team?


(A) Roelant Oltmans


(B) Joseph Galibardy


(C) Sjoerd Marijne


(D) Leslie Claudius


ANS:(C) Sjoerd Marijne  


Q.(69) India in September 2017 slapped countervailing duty for period of 5 years on some steel products from this country to guard domestic players.


(A) Germany


(B) Ukraine


(C) China


(D) South Korea


ANS:(C) China


Q.(70) Which country’s Vice President resigned amid allegations of credit-card graft?


(A) Haiti


(B) Uruguay


(C) Peru


(D) Guyana


ANS:(A) Haiti


Q.(71) Who has won the US Open women’s singles title?


(A) Flavia Pennetta


(B) Madison Keys


(C) Sloane Stephens


(D) Karolina Pliskove


ANS:(C) Sloane Stephens


Q.(72) How many medals India bagged in total at Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship 2017?


(A) 32


(B) 35


(C) 36


(D) 37


ANS:(D) 37


Q.(73) India won the 2nd SABA U-16 Championship by defeating————-?


(A) China


(B) Japan


(C) Thailand


(D) Bangladesh


ANS:(D) Bangladesh 


Q.(74) Recently, India successfully test fired the ——- anti tank guided missile?


(A) Akash


(B) Nag


(C) Prithvi


(D) Vayu


ANS:(B) Nag 


Q.(75) Recently, Which country has suspended talks with Qatar?


(A) Oman


(B) Saudi Arabia


(C) Kuwait


(D) Iran


ANS:(B) Saudi Arabia


Q.(76) Who won the men’s singles title of US Open?


(A) Rafael Nadal


(B) Andy Murray


(C) Novak Djokavic


(D) Kevin Anderson


ANS:(A) Rafael Nadal


Q.(77) Which country topped the medal tally at the Moscow Shotgun World Championships?


(A) Iran


(B) United States of America


(C) Russia


(D) Italy


ANS:(D) Italy 


Q.(78) Which Indian Leader unveiled at Naval base in Kolkata recently?


(A) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose


(B) Mahatma Gandhi


(C) Rajiv Gandhi


(D) Jawaharlal Nehru


ANS:(A) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose


Q.(79) Which state would be providing skill development training to 30000 surrendered militants?


(A) Jammu & Kashmir


(B) Sikkim


(C) Assam


(D) Jharkhand


ANS:(C) Assam


Q.(80) Recently, The Air Forces of China and —— began a joint exercise?


(A) Russia


(B) Pakistan


(C) Iran


(D) Uzbekistan


ANS:(B) Pakistan


Q.(81) Vice President laid the foundation stone or smart city project in ————–, Jharkhand?


(A) Bokaro


(B) Jamshedpur


(C) Ranchi


(D) Chaibasa


ANS:(C) Ranchi


Q.(82) With Which country India sign four pacts in areas of health and transport?


(A) Afghanistan


(B) Indonesia


(C) Bangladesh


(D) Italy


ANS:(A) Afghanistan


Q.(83) Who won the 2017 US Open Women’s Doubles title?


(A) Lucie Hradecka and Katerina Siniakova


(B) Chan Yung-Jan and Martina Hingis


(C) Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua


(D) Kristina Mladenovic and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova


ANS:(B) Chan Yung-Jan and Martina Hingis


Q.(84) Which union Minister Flags off Women’s Circumnavigation Expedition recently?


(A) Shri Suresh Prabhu


(B) Shri Rajesh Sharma


(C) Shri Naresh Iyer


(D) Smt Nirmala Sitharaman


ANS:(D) Smt Nirmala Sitharaman


Q.(85) Who is awarded with badminton’s first lifetime award recently?


(A) Prakash Padukone


(B) Lin Dan


(C) Chen Long


(D) Ajay Jayaram


ANS:(A) Prakash Padukone


Q.(86) President of Belarus____ has arrived in New Delhi on a two day visit to India.


(A) Aleksandr Krinitsky


(B) AG Lukashenko


(C) Aleksandr Osatkin-Vladimirsky


(D) Vilgelm Knorinsh


ANS:(B) AG Lukashenko


Q.(87) What is the new age limit of National Pension Scheme Upper Age?


(A) 65 years


(B) 59 years


(C) 56 years


(D) 58 years


ANS:(A) 65 years


Q.(88) Which city has retained its crown as the world’s top financial center according to the latest Global Financial Centres Index published by Z/Yen and the China Development Institute?


(A) New York


(B) London


(C) Hong Kong


(D) Tokyo


ANS:(B) London


Q.(89) International Day for South-South Cooperation was observed globally on?


(A) 10 September


(B) 12 September


(C) 14 September


(D) 16 September


ANS:(B) 12 September


Q.(90) Which Indian-American was awarded with 2017 Balzan Prize recently?


(A) Tara Prasad Sapkota


(B) Bhavani Prasad Panda


(C) Faizan Mustafa


(D) Bina Agarwal


ANS:(D) Bina Agarwal   


Q.(91) Which city to host BWF Senior Badminton World Championships recently?


(A) Chennai


(B) Bengaluru


(C) Kolkata


(D) Kochi


ANS:(D) Kochi


Q.(92) Security Council on August 12, 2017 unanimously adopted a  ___________ drafted resolution to impose new sanctions on North Korea?


(A) Russia


(B) South Korea


(C) China


(D) U.S.


ANS:(D) U.S. 


Q.(93) Who was awarded with N R Madhava Menon Best Law Teacher Award?


(A) Tahir Mahmood


(B) Suresh rajan


(C) Naresh Iyer


(D) Vivek Kumar


ANS:(A) Tahir Mahmood


Q.(94) Which parliament passed EU Bill recently?


(A) German


(B) British


(C) Indian


(D) Pakistan


ANS:(B) British


Q.(95) In which city India’s first advanced Homoeopathy Virology lab inaugurated recently?


(A) Kolkata


(B) Chennai


(C) Hyderabad


(D) Mumbai


ANS:(A) Kolkata


Q.(96) India signed 10 MoUs to expand cooperation in areas like youth affairs, oil and gas, skill development, scientific research and education with which country?


(A) Japan


(B) Spain


(C) Ireland


(D) Belarus


ANS:(D) Belarus


Q.(97) Name the Indian-American person who was apponte as the Deuty Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Press Secretary by President Donald Trump in September 2017.


(A) Neil Chaterjee


(B) Vishal Amin


(C) Raj Shah


(D) Krishna Urs


ANS:(C) Raj Shah   


Q.(98) Which Edition of India-Japan Annual Summit will betaking place in Gujarat this year?


(A) 12th


(B) 10th


(C) 8th


(D) 11th


ANS:(A) 12th


Q.(99) Who is elected as the First Female President of Singapore?


(A) Chancellor Angela Merkel


(B) President Dilma Rousseff


(C) President Atifete Jahjaga


(D) Halimah Yacob


ANS:(D) Halimah Yacob  


Q.(100) Which state is to open India’s first transgender-exclusive clinics?


(A) Kerala


(B) Bihar


(C) Madhya Pradesh


(D) Tamil Nadu


ANS:(A) Kerala


Q.(101) Who launches project to develop the poorest ward in Mumbai?


(A) Sachin Tendulkar


(B) Sunil Gavaskar


(C) Rahul Dravid


(D) Ashwin Ravichandran


ANS:(A) Sachin Tendulkar


Q.(102) Who is the famous gay rights activist, whose same-sex marriage fight led to a landmark US ruling, passed away recently?


(A) Scott Long


(B) Edith Windsor


(C) Phyllis Lyon


(D) Del Martin


ANS:(B) Edith Windsor 


Q.(103) Which coins are to be introduced by Reserve Bank of India to mark MG Ramachandran’s birth centenary?


(A) 100 coins


(B) 5 coins


(C) 10 coins


(D) 25 coins


ANS:(A) 100 coins


Q.(104) Which Hackathon was launched to support & showcase potentially great talent from inner India?


(A) #OpenGovDataHack


(B) #Lifehacks


(C) #Musicfinderhack


(D) #SmartIndiaHack


ANS:(A) #OpenGovDataHack


Q.(105) When the Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year in India?


(A) 13 September


(B) 14 September


(C) 15 September


(D) 16 September


ANS:(B) 14 September


Q.(106) What is the rank of India in the recently released Global Human Capital Report 2017?


(A) 102nd


(B) 103rd


(C) 104th


(D) 105th


ANS:(B) 103rd


Q.(107) What is the name of the operation which was launched by the Union Government recently?


(A) Operation Insaniyat


(B) Operation Clean up


(C) Operation Black Board


(D) Mission Indhradhanush


ANS:(A) Operation Insaniyat


Q.(108) Which sea route made India’s effort to counter China’s OBOR?


(A) India via the Atlantic Ocean


(B) Chennai-Vladivostok


(C) Mediterranean Red-Sea Route


(D) The South Atlantic Route


ANS:(B) Chennai-Vladivostok


Q.(109) Who resigned from his post of independent director in the board of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation?


(A) Rajiv Kumar


(B) Arvind Panagariya


(C) Arun Jaitley


(D) Smriti Irani


ANS:(A) Rajiv Kumar


Q.(110) Identify the eminent constituional law expert who passed away recently.


(A) Fali Sam Nariman


(B) Soli Sorabjee


(C) K.K. Venugopal


(D) Pavani Parameswara Rao


ANS:(D) Pavani Parameswara Rao   


Q.(111) Which of the following states will host the 36th National Games?


(A) Maharashtra


(B) Uttar Pradesh


(C) Goa


(D) Telangana


ANS:(C) Goa


Q.(112) Who is is the new CMD of United India Insurance?


(A) Smt Girija Kumar


(B) Shri Kishore Kumar


(C) Shri Naresh Iyer


(D) Shri M Nagaraja Sarma


ANS:(D) Shri M Nagaraja Sarma  


Q.(113) How many years of Venice Film Festival Awards 2017 held recently?


(A) 74th


(B) 72th


(C) 73rd


(D) 69th


ANS:(A) 74th


Q.(114) Which day is observed as the September 15th?


(A) International Day for Women


(B) World Earth Day


(C) World Peace Day


(D) International Day for Democracy


ANS:(D) International Day for Democracy  


Q.(115) Which state to set up the first Odia language university?


(A) Odisha


(B) Tamil Nadu


(C) Kerala


(D) Goa


ANS:(A) Odisha


Q.(116) What is the name of the mission which was launched by the Maharashtra Chief Minister?


(A) Maha Mission 1 Million


(B) Government Hospital Scheme


(C) National Health Scheme


(D) National Aadhaar Scheme


ANS:(A) Maha Mission 1 Million  


Q.(117) Who is elected as Chair of the IOC Ethics Commission recently?


(A) Ban Ki-moon


(B) John Williams


(C) Yü Hung-chün


(D) Yen Hsi-shan


ANS:(A) Ban Ki-moon  


Q.(118) Frank Vincent who passed away recently was a ______.


(A) Journalist


(B) Sportsperson


(C) Actor


(D) Politician


ANS:(C) Actor


Q.(119) Name the person who has resigned as the coach of the Indian women boxing team.


(A) Hans Arp


(B) Jacques Arnold


(C) Stephane Cottalorda


(D) Pierre Autin-Grenier


ANS:(C) Stephane Cottalorda 


Q.(120) Which tennis player autobiography is titled “Unstoppable: My Life So Far”?


(A) Serena Williams


(B) Maria Sharapova


(C) Venus Williams


(D) Roger Federer


ANS:(B) Maria Sharapova


Q.(121) Which country has scrapped the ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims?


(A) Algeria


(B) Tunisia


(C) Syria


(D) Lebanon


ANS:(B) Tunisia 


Q.(122) Which female badminton player has retained her No. 4 position in latest BWF ranking?


(A) PV Sindhu


(B) Aparna Balan


(C) Saina Nehwal


(D) Jwala Gutta


ANS:(A) PV Sindhu 


Q.(123) From where was the nation-wide “Swachh Hi Seva” campaign launched by President Ram Nath Kovind?


(A) Auraiya


(B) Kanpur


(C) Bareilly


(D) Ahmedabad


ANS:(B) Kanpur


Q.(124) Which missile did Indian Air Force (IAF) successfully conducts development trials recently?


(A) BVRAAM missile


(B) Agni II missile


(C) Brahmos Missile


(D) Agni – III Missile


ANS:(A) BVRAAM missile


Q.(125) Which day is observed as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer?


(A) June 16th


(B) July 18th


(C) August 26th


(D) September 16th


ANS:(D) September 16th


Q.(126) Which type of Battery factory was inaugurated at Gujarat?


(A) Zinc Carbon Battery


(B) Flow Battery


(C) Zambione File


(D) Lithium-Ion Battery


ANS:(D) Lithium-Ion Battery


Q.(127) Which Indian Actor was honoured at Britain’s House of Commons?


(A) Shahrukh Khan


(B) Salman Khan


(C) Anil Kapoor


(D) Shamid Kapoor


ANS:(B) Salman Khan


Q.(128) How many hydro-electric projects in Arunachal Pradesh to be commissioned in 2018?


(A) 2


(B) 5


(C) 4


(D) 6


ANS:(B) 5  


Q.(129) India’s first Centre for Animal Law established at which of the following universities?


(A) Institute of Technical Education and Research


(B) Lala Lajpat Rai University


(C) National Academy of Legal Studies and Research


(D) Indian Institute of technology and Research


ANS:(C) National Academy of Legal Studies and Research   


Q.(130) How many billions did the India’s Forex Reserves Top recently?


(A) $400 Billion


(B) $250 Billion


(C) $150 Billion


(D) $100 Billion


ANS:(A) $400 Billion


Q.(131) Which Marshal of the Indian Air Force passed away at the age of 98 recently?


(A) Dil bagh Singh


(B) Arjan Singh


(C) I.H. Latif


(D) S.K. Kaul


ANS:(B) Arjan Singh  


Q.(132) Whom did P.V. Sindhu defeated in the Korea Open 2017 women’s singles final to clinch her 3rd Superseries title?


(A) Carolina Marin


(B) Nozomi Okuhara


(C) Tai Tzu-Ying


(D) Akane Yamaguchi


ANS:(B) Nozomi Okuhara


Q.(133) Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The foundation stone of this dam was laid by whom?


(A) Atal Bihari Vajpayee


(B) Manmohan Singh


(C) Jawaharlal Nehru


(D) P. V. Narasimha Rao


ANS:(C) Jawaharlal Nehru   


Q.(134) Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2017, a joint military exercise between India and the US, commenced at ————–.


(A) Jaisalmer, Rajsthan


(B) Ranikhet, Uttarakhand


(C) Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington


(D) Nevada Air Base


ANS:(C) Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington 


Q.(135) Which country’s Prime Minister has reisgned recently?


(A) Iceland


(B) Germany


(C) Italy


(D) France


ANS:(A) Iceland


Q.(136) Which Indian startup has won a prestigious award in Israel for developing an affordable modular greenhouse that aims to give farmers steady & dependable income?


(A) Kheyti


(B) Agrostar


(C) Kisan Raja


(D) CropIn


ANS:(A) Kheyti


Q.(137) Which country has begun remeasuring the Mount Everest to check if the height of the world’s tallest peak was altered by a powerful earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015?


(A) China


(B) India


(C) Nepal


(D) France


ANS:(C) Nepal


Q.(138) Name the NASA’s spacecraft that ended its 20-year-long groundbreaking journey with a fiery plunge into Saturn’s crushing atmosphere.


(A) Voyager 2


(B) Genesis


(C) Pioneer 11


(D) Cassini


ANS:(D) Cassini


Q.(139) What is the name of the app which was launched by the Google recently?


(A) Drive


(B) Duo


(C) Tez


(D) You tube


ANS:(C) Tez 


Q.(140) With Which country Russia Restore Air Travel After 13-Year Freeze?


(A) Pakistan


(B) Iraq


(C) Albania


(D) Nepal


ANS:(B) Iraq  


Q.(141) Which racer has won the Singapore Grand Prix?


(A) Lewis Hamilton


(B) Max Verstappen


(C) Daniel Ricciardo


(D) Sebastian Vettel


ANS:(A) Lewis Hamilton


Q.(142) According to Indian Railways, passengers in reserved coaches can only sleep between _____ pm & ______ am to allow others to sit on the seats for the rest of the time.


(A) 10, 6


(B) 9, 7


(C) 10, 7


(D) 9, 6


ANS:(A) 10, 6


Q.(143) The joint military exercise ”Iron Union 5″ is being carried out between ground forces of which 2 countries?


(A) Russia and Pakistan


(B) U.S. and UAE


(C) U.K. and France


(D) India and Vietnam


ANS:(B) U.S. and UAE  


Q.(144) Which of the following television series won the Outstanding Drama Series award at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards?


(A) House of Cards


(B) The Handmaid’s Tale


(C) Westworld


(D) This is US


ANS:(D) This is US


Q.(145) Who of the following has been conferred with prestigious President medal?


(A) T Rani


(B) P Shikha


(C) D Roopa


(D) M Vijaya


ANS:(C) D Roopa


Q.(146) Who is appointed as new National Investigation Agency?


(A) Shri Ramesh Kumar


(B) Shri Rajesh Sharma


(C) Shri Naresh Singh


(D) Shri YC Modi


ANS:(D) Shri YC Modi


Q.(147) Who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Peru?


(A) Mercedes Araoz


(B) Ana Jara


(C) Pedro Cateriano


(D) Fernando Zavala Lombardi


ANS:(A) Mercedes Araoz


Q.(148) Which International Festival is organised and Started in Kashmir recently?


(A) Snow & Ice Festival


(B) Up Helly Aa Fire Festival


(C) Sky Latern Festival


(D) International Yoga Festival


ANS:(D) International Yoga Festival


Q.(149) Who is the author of the book “India: Priorities for the Future”?


(A) Vikram Seth


(B) Bimal Jalan


(C) Bipan Chandra


(D) Shashi Tharoor


ANS:(B) Bimal Jalan


Q.(150) Which country opens dual-use highway to Nepal through Tibet?


(A) China


(B) Nepal


(C) Bhutan


(D) Pakistan


ANS:(A) China


Q.(151) Which country releases postage stamps on Indian Yoga experts?


(A) Pakistan


(B) Iran


(C) Australia


(D) Japan


ANS:(D) Japan


Q.(152) Which state got Special canteen for labours and Meals at just Rs.5?


(A) Haryana


(B) Tamil Nadu


(C) West Bengal


(D) Chhattisgarh


ANS:(D) Chhattisgarh


Q.(153) Raquel Dodge was recently appointed as the first ever woman prosecutor of which of the following countries?


(A) Italy


(B) Brazil


(C) Mexico


(D) Chile


ANS:(B) Brazil


Q.(154) Who has been appointed as the director general of the Sashastra Seema Bal?


(A) Sharad Kumar


(B) Rajni Kant Misra


(C) Ravi Verma


(D) Rahul Ghosh


ANS:(B) Rajni Kant Misra


Q.(155) Which department Minister to co-chair 13th Inter-Governmental Commission meeting at Astana, Kazakhstan?


(A) Ministry of Railways


(B) Ministry of Income Tax


(C) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas


(D) Ministry of Telecommunication


ANS:(C) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas 


Q.(156) Which of the following has become first state to set up district family welfare committees?


(A) Meghalaya


(B) Tripura


(C) Mizoram


(D) Assam


ANS:(B) Tripura


Q.(157) In which state Amit Shah launches ‘Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana’ to provide houses to freedom fighters?


(A) Jharkhand


(B) Kerala


(C) Andhra Pradesh


(D) Madhya Pradesh


ANS:(A) Jharkhand 


Q.(158) How many medals did the India won in Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games?


(A) 4


(B) 5


(C) 9


(D) 3


ANS:(A) 4


Q.(159) Which month the Zero Hunger Programme to be launched?


(A) March


(B) June


(C) October


(D) August


ANS:(C) October


Q.(160) Which state to ban plastic of less than 51 microns?


(A) Puducherry


(B) Kerala


(C) Punjab


(D) Jharkhand


ANS:(A) Puducherry


Q.(161) To whom the union government planned to launch a mobile application recently?


(A) Senior Retired Employees


(B) Young Students


(C) Female Employees


(D) Visually Challenged


ANS:(A) Senior Retired Employees 


Q.(162) Among these whose name is there in ‘World’s ’100 Greatest Living Business Minds’?


(A) Shri Ratan Tata


(B) Shri Ashok Misra


(C) Shri Naresh Iyer


(D) Shri Vignesh Kumar


ANS:(A) Shri Ratan Tata 


Q.(163) Who is appointed Uttarakhand Swachh Bharat Mission Brand Ambassador?


(A) Akshay Kumar


(B) Anil Kapoor


(C) Suresh Menon


(D) Shahid Kapoor


ANS:(A) Akshay Kumar


Q.(164) Which cricketer was recently recommended for Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian award?


(A) Virat Kohli


(B) Yuvraj Singh


(C) Mahendra Singh Dhoni


(D) Virendar Sehwag


ANS:(C) Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Q.(165) The Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu released a Commemorative Coin on who of the following?


(A) Chidambaram Subramaniam


(B) M.S. Subbulakshmi


(C) Bhimsen Joshi


(D) CNR Rao


ANS:(B) M.S. Subbulakshmi  


Q.(166) Chuck Robbins was appointed as Executive Chairman of which company?


(A) HP


(B) Dell


(C) Cisco


(D) Oracle


ANS:(C) Cisco


Q.(167) Which country has lifted ban on internet calling applications?


(A) Iraq


(B) Morocco


(C) Saudi Arabia


(D) Pakistan


ANS:(C) Saudi Arabia 


Q.(168) Which book among the following is “NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER” by Indian novelist and essayist Salman Rushdie?


(A) Train To Pakistan


(B) The Golden House


(C) The White Tiger


(D) A Suitable boy


ANS:(B) The Golden House


Q.(169) Who is the author of the “The Shershah of Kargil”, the biography of Kargil war hero Vikram Batra?


(A) Deepak Surana


(B) R V Raman


(C) Vivek Roy


(D) Karan Mahajan


ANS:(A) Deepak Surana


Q.(170) Who has been named as brand ambassador for Food Street, a curated food experience zone at the forthcoming World Food India event?


(A) Sanjeev Kapoor


(B) Vikas Khanna


(C) Ranveer Brar


(D) Kunal Kapur


ANS:(A) Sanjeev Kapoor


Q.(171) Govindan Lakshmanan, P.U. Chitra belongs to which of the following?


(A) Hammer Throw


(B) Discus Throw


(C) Athletics


(D) Vollyball


ANS:(C) Athletics


Q.(172) Which country launches the world’s fastest bullet train ‘Fuxing’?


(A) Germany


(B) Russia


(C) Japan


(D) China


ANS:(D) China 


Q.(173) International Day of Peace is observed around the world on


(A) September 21


(B) September 20


(C) September 23


(D) September 24


ANS:(A) September 21


Q.(174) 50 Countries signed the United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Which was the first country to sign onto the ban?


(A) Brazil


(B) Russia


(C) China


(D) Germany


ANS:(A) Brazil 


Q.(175) Zannah Mustapha, who has been awarded the United Nations peace prize belongs to which of the following countries?


(A) Oman


(B) Nigeria


(C) Portugal


(D) Uzbekistan


ANS:(B) Nigeria


Q.(176) Which of the following states has released ‘People First’ mobile application for grievance redressal in the state?


(A) Andhra Pradesh


(B) Telangana


(C) Karnataka


(D) Odisha


ANS:(A) Andhra Pradesh


Q.(177) Which country will host the 8th Edition of FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?


(A) China


(B) Russia


(C) Germany


(D) France


ANS:(D) France


Q.(178) B. Sambamurthy appointed as NPCI interim chairman. What is the full form of NPCI?


(A) National Payments Collaboration of India


(B) National Payments Collection of India


(C) National Payments Corporation of India


(D) National Payments Commission of India


ANS:(C) National Payments Corporation of India


Q.(179) India has replaced which country to become the top retail destination in 2017?


(A) Japan


(B) China


(C) Russia


(D) Germany


ANS:(B) China


Q.(180) Recently, which country unveils statue of AK-47 assault rifle inventor “Mikhail Kalashnikov”?


(A) Russia


(B) Germany


(C) China


(D) Japan


ANS:(A) Russia


Q.(181) India’s First indigenously built Scorpene submarine, recently delivered to Navy is


(A) INS Kalvari


(B) INS Khanderi


(C) INS Karanj


(D) INS Chakra


ANS:(A) INS Kalvari


Q.(182) Which state became the first in India to introduce electric buses?


(A) Bihar


(B) Himachal Pradesh


(C) Uttar Pradesh


(D) Punjab


ANS:(B) Himachal Pradesh


Q.(183) Liliane Bettencourt, the Richest Woman in the World died yesterday. She is the heiress of cosmetics giant ————.


(A) Johnson & Johnson


(B) L’Oreal


(C) Unilever


(D) Avon


ANS:(B) L’Oreal 


Q.(184) Which film has been selected as India’s official entry in the Best Foreign Language Film category at Oscars 2018?


(A) Jolly LLB 2


(B) Baahubali 2: The Conclusion


(C) Newton


(D) Toilet: Ek Prem Katha


ANS:(C) Newton 


Q.(185) Who becomes First Indian spinner to take hat trick in ODI cricket, during the second match of the ongoing series against Australia at Eden Gardens, Kolkata?


(A) Jasprit Bumrah


(B) Yuzvendra Chahal


(C) Kuldeep Yadav


(D) Hardik Pandya


ANS:(C) Kuldeep Yadav 


Q.(186) Shakila who passed away recently was related to which field?


(A) Acting


(B) Politics


(C) Business


(D) Sports


ANS:(A) Acting


Q.(187) Britain has signed a military cooperation deal with which country?


(A) Saudi Arabia


(B) Oman


(C) Qatar


(D) Kuwait


ANS:(A) Saudi Arabia


Q.(188) Which country is invited for 2022 Asian Games for 1st time in history?


(A) South Africa


(B) New Zealand


(C) Mauritius


(D) Australia


ANS:(D) Australia


Q.(189) Which Airways becomes the World’s First Airline to launch Double beds in Business Class?


(A) Qatar Airways


(B) Singapore Airlines


(C) Etihad Airways


(D) ANA All Nippon Airways


ANS:(A) Qatar Airways 


Q.(190) Which of the following Country has faced most natural disasters, according to UN?


(A) India


(B) China




(D) Phillipines




Q.(191) Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a postage stamp on Lord Ram at


(A) Brihadeeswara Temple


(B) Tulsi Manas Temple


(C) Konark Sun Temple


(D) Badrinath Temple


ANS:(B) Tulsi Manas Temple


Q.(192) Panda-Kangaroo 2017 is the joint military training exercise between China and


(A) Russia


(B) Japan


(C) India


(D) Australia


ANS:(D) Australia 


Q.(193) State Bank of India has launched India’s first bond index series in ______.


(A) UK




(C) Australia


(D) China


ANS:(A) UK  


Q.(194) Which state government releases music video on 9 day Bathukamma festival, which began on September 20?


(A) Telangana


(B) Kerala


(C) Tamil Nadu


(D) Andhra Pradesh


ANS:(A) Telangana


Q.(195) Who has launched a nationwide health campaign to sensitise women about the early screening and the preventive care for cancer?


(A) Sushma Swaraj


(B) Jayanti Natrajan


(C) Anupriya Patel


(D) Maneka Gandhi


ANS:(C) Anupriya Patel


Q.(196) According to the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List, Who has become Asia’s richest man, with a net worth of $41.1 billion?


(A) Hui Ka Yan


(B) Ma Huateng


(C) Jack Ma


(D) Wang Jianlin


ANS:(A) Hui Ka Yan


Q.(197) Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu becomes first woman minister in 30 years in which of the following state?


(A) Nagaland


(B) Assam


(C) Mizoram


(D) Haryana


ANS:(C) Mizoram


Q.(198) Who was appointed as chairman-cum-managing director (CMD) of NHPC Ltd?


(A) P. Alli Rani


(B) Balraj Joshi


(C) Sumit Chowdhury


(D) Kota Harinarayana


ANS:(B) Balraj Joshi


Q.(199) Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan has inaugurated the first LPG Panchayat in ______.


(A) Maharashtra


(B) Gujarat


(C) Haryana


(D) Assam


ANS:(B) Gujarat 


Q.(200) Who of the following has become first Indian to be picked as International Boxing Association’s (AIBA) representative for the IOC Athletes Forum?


(A) Kavita Chahal


(B) Kavita Goyat


(C) Laishram sarita Devi


(D) Mary Kom


ANS:(D) Mary Kom


Q.(201) For the first time in India, Open-air gyms for prisoners has now been set up in


(A) Naini Central Jail


(B) Madras Central Jail


(C) Hijli Jail


(D) Tihar Jail


ANS:(D) Tihar Jail 


Q.(202) How many players have been nominated for 2017 FIFA Best Men’s Player award?


(A) Two


(B) Three


(C) Five


(D) Four


ANS:(B) Three


Q.(203) Who was named “Actor of Year” in GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2017?


(A) Irrfan Khan


(B) Ranveer Singh


(C) Rajkummar Rao


(D) Aamir Khan


ANS:(C) Rajkummar Rao


Q.(204) Which country bans export of key petroleum products to North Korea?


(A) China


(B) Pakistan


(C) Albania


(D) Australia


ANS:(A) China


Q.(205) Who wins 4th Term as Chancellor of Germany recently?


(A) Angela Merkel


(B) Peter Wilson


(C) James Cameron


(D) Williams David


ANS:(A) Angela Merkel


Q.(206) Who was appointed as the new Comptroller and Auditor General?


(A) Shashi Kant Sharma


(B) A. K. Roy


(C) Rajiv Mehrishi


(D) Vinod Rai


ANS:(C) Rajiv Mehrishi  


Q.(207) Who launched ‘Power for all’ scheme recently?


(A) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi


(B) Shri Arun Jaitley


(C) Shri Suresh Prabhu


(D) Shri Vivek Sharma


ANS:(A) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi 


Q.(208) Who is selected for 2017 Von Hippel Award?


(A) CNR Rao


(B) Vijay Bhaskar


(C) Naresh Iyer


(D) Vikram Kumar


ANS:(A) CNR Rao 


Q.(209) Which sports person is recommended for Padma Bhushan Award by the Sports Ministry?


(A) Parthiv Patel


(B) Suresh Menon


(C) Karthik Narayana


(D) P.V. Sindhu


ANS:(D) P.V. Sindhu   


Q.(210) The ICC has launched anti-corruption probe into which country’s cricket Board?


(A) India


(B) England


(C) Sri Lanka


(D) Australia


ANS:(C) Sri Lanka 


Q.(211) India, US and Afghanistan will hold a joint trade and investment show in _______.


(A) Mumbai


(B) New Delhi


(C) Kolkata


(D) Chennai


ANS:(B) New Delhi  


Q.(212) Which state government to to release 100 prisoners on birth centenary of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya?


(A) Kerala


(B) Andhra Pradesh


(C) Karnataka


(D) Uttar Pradesh


ANS:(D) Uttar Pradesh  


Q.(213) According to the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2017, India is ranked ____ in nuclear power installations.


(A) 2nd


(B) 5th


(C) 6th


(D) 3rd


ANS:(D) 3rd


Q.(214) The 2017 Laver Cup is being held in which country?


(A) UK


(B) Czech Republic


(C) Slovenia


(D) Romania


ANS:(B) Czech Republic 


Q.(215) Which of the following country has recently allowed women into Sports Stadium for the first time?


(A) Kazakistan


(B) Kyrgyzstan


(C) Saudi Arabia




ANS:(C) Saudi Arabia


Q.(216) Which city has the New Underground Water Treatment Plant?


(A) Agartala


(B) Chennai


(C) Kolkata


(D) Mumbai


ANS:(A) Agartala


Q.(217) State Bank of India has lowered the minimum average monthly balance (MAB) requirement in a savings account to Rs. ________.


(A) 5000


(B) 2000


(C) 3000


(D) 1000


ANS:(C) 3000 


Q.(218) Who among the following has been appointed as the Economic Advisory Council head?


(A) V. K. Saraswat


(B) Ramesh Chand


(C) Bibek Debroy


(D) Rajnath Singh


ANS:(C) Bibek Debroy


Q.(219) Who won 5,000m gold at National Open Athletics recently?


(A) Shri Suresh Kumar


(B) Shri Lakshmanan


(C) Shri Naresh Iyer


(D) Shri Vijay Kumar


ANS:(B) Shri Lakshmanan


Q.(220) Which State government on September 26, 2017, launched the ‘Vision 2025′ project?


(A) Maharashtra


(B) Odisha


(C) Haryana


(D) Karnataka


ANS:(D) Karnataka  


Q.(221) INS Tarasa, a Water Jet Fast Attack Craft was commissioned into the Indian Navy on September 26, 2017. It belongs to which class?


(A) Saryu


(B) Car Nicobar


(C) Super Dvora Mk II


(D) Magar


ANS:(B) Car Nicobar


Q.(222) The ‘PENCIL’ portal has been developed by which ministry?


(A) Home


(B) Defence


(C) Railways


(D) Labour and Employment


ANS:(D) Labour and Employment  


Q.(223) Janakpur railway station is located in which district of Nepal?


(A) Dhanusa


(B) Darchula


(C) Dadeldhura


(D) Dailekh


ANS:(A) Dhanusa


Q.(224) Who was appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)?


(A) Shashi Shankar


(B) Niranjan Das Gulhati


(C) Naveen Jain


(D) Sri Niwas


ANS:(A) Shashi Shankar


Q.(225) When is International tourism Day observed every year?


(A) 26th September


(B) 27th September


(C) 24th September


(D) 25th September


ANS:(B) 27th September  


Q.(226) Who is selected for living legend award of International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS)?


(A) Smt Mahtab Bamji


(B) Shri Rajesh Sharma


(C) Shri Naresh Singh


(D) Shri Vijay Naresh


ANS:(A) Smt Mahtab Bamji  


Q.(227) Which of the following Port has been renamed as Deendayal Port?


(A) Kochi Port


(B) Kandla Port


(C) Tuticorn Port


(D) Chennai Port


ANS:(B) Kandla Port


Q.(228) Which country swears in its First New President after 38 years?


(A) Angola


(B) Pakistan


(C) Africa


(D) Australia


ANS:(A) Angola


Q.(229) Which rank did the India obtained 2017 Global Competitiveness Index?


(A) 62th


(B) 70th


(C) 16th


(D) 40th


ANS:(D) 40th  


Q.(230) The Indian government has launched the ‘Incredible India’ campaign in which city?


(A) Moscow


(B) Rome


(C) Berlin


(D) Cairo


ANS:(D) Cairo   


Q.(231) The Maharashtra government has signed pact with which country for infra projects?


(A) Japan


(B) South Korea


(C) China


(D) Russia


ANS:(B) South Korea


Q.(232) The Swachhta Award in the National Tourism Awards 2015-16 was given to which state govt?


(A) Kerala Govt


(B) Telangana Govt


(C) Gujarat Govt


(D) Madhya Pradesh Govt


ANS:(B) Telangana Govt 


Q.(233) In which city of India South Asian Boxing Championship will held in December 2017?


(A) Mumbai


(B) Delhi


(C) Guwahati


(D) Chennai


ANS:(C) Guwahati


Q.(234) In which city First-ever India Mobile Congress is inaugurated?


(A) Hyderabad


(B) Delhi


(C) Kolkata


(D) Gujarat


ANS:(A) Hyderabad


Q.(235) When is World Rabies Day observed every year?


(A) 28th September


(B) 26th September


(C) 24th September


(D) 25th September


ANS:(A) 28th September 


Q.(236) Which country partnered with USA to Build 1st Ever Space Station Near Moon?


(A) Russia


(B) Albania


(C) India


(D) Pakistan


ANS:(A) Russia


Q.(237) According to Forbes, who of the following is the highest paid actress?


(A) Amy Adams


(B) Julia Roberts


(C) Care Blanchett


(D) Sofia Vergara


ANS:(D) Sofia Vergara


Q.(238) Hugh Hefner was the founder of which magazine?


(A) Esquire


(B) Times


(C) Playboy


(D) Vogue


ANS:(C) Playboy  


Q.(239) The World Maritime Day 2017 was observed globally with what theme?


(A) Connecting Ship, Ports and People


(B) Shipping: indispensable to the world


(C) IMO Conventions: Effective Implementtaion


(D) Sustainable development: IMO’s contributuion beyond Rio+20


ANS:(A) Connecting Ship, Ports and People


Q.(240) Syndicate Bank on September 27, 2017 cut its interest rate on savings account to ____% for deposits up to Rs 25 lakh.


(A) 5.5


(B) 4.5


(C) 2.5


(D) 3.5


ANS:(D) 3.5 


Q.(241) Who approves installation of telecom towers in cantonments and military areas?


(A) Union Cabinet


(B) State Government


(C) Private organisations


(D) International Organisations


ANS:(A) Union Cabinet


Q.(242) India has signed MoU with which of the following country to work together in maternal and adolescent health?


(A) Denmark


(B) Sweden


(C) Norway


(D) Portugal


ANS:(C) Norway 


Q.(243) Which State has won the Best Tourism State award for 3rd time in a row in September 2017?


(A) Odisha


(B) Kerala


(C) Gujarat


(D) Madhya Pradesh


ANS:(D) Madhya Pradesh


Q.(244) Recently, Which country has destroyed the last of its last chemical weapons?




(B) Russia


(C) Pakistan


(D) Germany


ANS:(B) Russia 


Q.(245) According to HSBC, which of the following country has topped in the list of best country for expats?


(A) Singapore


(B) China




(D) India


ANS:(A) Singapore


Q.(246) Who of the following are the authors of the book “A to Z of Financial Management in Autonomous Institutions”?


(A) Dr. Rajat Bhargava and Shri Bhargav Pathak


(B) Dr. Rajat Bhargava and Shri Deenanath Pathak


(C) Dr. Rajat Bhargava and Shri Sahil Pathak


(D) None of these


ANS:(B) Dr. Rajat Bhargava and Shri Deenanath Pathak


Q.(247) President Ramnath Kovind appointed Governors of how many States on September 30, 2017?


(A) 4


(B) 5


(C) 2


(D) 3


ANS:(B) 5   


Q.(248) Who of the following has become the first Indian woman to scale Mt Manaslu?


(A) Anupuma Kumar


(B) Aparnita Kumar


(C) Anupurna Kumar


(D) Aparna Kumar


ANS:(D) Aparna Kumar  


Q.(249) Which country on September 30, 2017, gave authority to women to issue fatwas?


(A) Oman


(B) Pakistan


(C) Saudi Arabia


(D) Iran


ANS:(C) Saudi Arabia  


Q.(250) Tom Alter who passed away recently was a _____.


(A) Actor


(B) Sportsperson


(C) Politician


(D) Journalist


ANS:(A) Actor   


Q.(251) For which scheme the union government keeps Interest rates unchanged?


(A) Savings Schemes


(B) Pradhan Mantri Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (PMSSY)


(C) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)


(D) Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)


ANS:(A) Savings Schemes  


Q.(252) Radar-evading J-20 stealth fighter jet belongs to which of the following Country?


(A) Japan


(B) India


(C) China


(D) S Korea


ANS:(C) China











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